• House Cleaning
  • Meal Preparation
  • Meal Delivery
  • Pet Care
  • Appointment Companions
  • Travel Companions

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3125 South Price Road Suite 122
Chandler, Arizona, 85248

Phone: 480-239-4326
Email: servingyou@nplhc.net

No Place Like Home Care, LLC’s philosophy:

“OUR Clients… OUR Family.”

No Place Like Home Care, LLC has captured the interest, trust and loyalty of our clients.

No Place Like Home Care, LLC’s “circle of care” methodology embraces the wants and needs of our client, client family members and client medical experts to provide all-inclusive care through concierge services, meeting and exceeding the needs of every client. Providing client services in the safe and secure environment of our client’s home, where feelings of safety and security are nurtured.

At No Place Like Home Care, LLC details matter!

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